Side by Side Massage

What is a side-by-side (A.K.A. couples) massage?

Two massage beds are set up in the same room where clients can have an intimate massage experience that is carried out by massage therapists who work on each individual at the same time. It is a favorite and popular service booked by couples, parents and children, or friends celebrating anniversaries, special holidays, date nights, events, birthdays and quality time.

What are the benefits?

  • Side-by-side massages give flexibility to schedules and adds the convenience that two parties can arrive for the same time slot.
  • Our therapists talk to each client about their relaxation or therapeutic goals to ensure both clients receive their individualized massage treatment.
  • Some clients may be hesitant in trying a massage. Booking an appointment with someone they know can provide a level of comfort and security.

How do I book a side-by-side massage?

Booking a side-by-side massage requires finding two therapists who have the same time slot available. Clients may call the clinic at 403-942-4010 to speak with our front end staff and schedule an appointment. Our front end staff are highly trained and can answer any additional questions regarding side-by-side massages, including add-on services or holiday specials.