An amazing multi-purposes skin balancer that can be used in many ways to hydrate, protect, refresh and tone/re-balance the skin while targeting signs of age. Created with hyaluronic acid to restore skin’s hydration levels, seaweed to infuse minerals and reduce inflammation, vitamin c and specialized plant extracts to nourish, protect and tone. Can help to also reduce redness and irritation and highly beneficial to apply to the skin after a day in the sun or cold.

To Use: Apply daily after cleansing the face by applying 2-3 sprays and patting the water into the skin. For those with combination or oily skin apply the mist to a cotton ball or pad and gently wipe areas where additional oil secretion occurs or breakouts. The mist can also be used to remove makeup residue and can be applied over make up to set and keep skin looking hydrated. Can also be used on the body(see body care section for more information). For all skin types.